The Department of Physics at the Faculty for Natural Sciences and Mathematics

With 19 Professors, 100 employees and roughly 500 students, physics is an agile department at the Faculty for Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the HHU.


Closing Seminar for the Bachelor- and Master Programmes

The next dates for the final seminar for students of physics and medical physics are 03.11.2017, 15.12.2017, 12.01.2018, 16.02.2018 and 22.03.2018. To register for the seminar send an e-mail to Prof. Görlitz until three weeks before the respective date. The schedules of previous seminars can be found here.



About Us


The focus points of our research in physics at HHU are solid-state physics, nano physics, plasma physics, quantum optics, quantum information and soft matter. We have a close connection to the research center in Jülich through 5 shared professorships.

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Physics Studies:

The Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf offers Bachelor and Master programmes in physics and medical physics. While the language of instruction in the Bachelor programmes is German, the Master programme in Phyiscs is completely and the Master programme in medical physics partly taught in English. 

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