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Physics as a minor

For some students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, there is the possibility of integrating physics as a minor in the respective degree program. This is often the case in the subject of mathematics, whereby physics can be taken as an application subject in the compulsory elective area. For computer science students, physics is an alternative to biology, chemistry or mathematics as a minor. There are separate physics courses for the subjects of chemistry, biology and medicine, which can be found in the corresponding curricula.

Students with an application in physics can acquire credit points in all physics courses. (With the exception of the "Mathematical Methods of Physics")

Recommended modules are:

  • Experimentelle Mechanik (3V+1Ü / 6CP)
  • Optik (3V+1Ü / 6CP)
  • Grundpraktikum I (4P /  4CP)
  • Elektrizität und Magnetismus (3V+1Ü / 6CP)
  • Theoretische Mechanik (3V+2Ü / 8CP)
  • Theoretische Elektrodynamik (3V+2Ü / 8CP)
  • Quantenmechanik (3V+2Ü / 8CP)

As a rule, the minor is chosen at the examination office in the 3rd semester. Interested students can start the physics minor in the first semester. A total of 40 credit points (CP) must be acquired in the minor.

The following modules are available:

  • Mathematische Methoden der Physik (3V+2Ü / 7CP)
  • Experimentelle Mechanik* (3V+1Ü / 6CP)
  • Optik* (3V+1Ü / 6CP)
  • Grundpraktikum I (4P / 6CP)
  • Elektrizität und Magnetismus* (3V+1Ü / 6CP)
  • Theoretische Mechanik** (3V+2Ü / 9CP)

* One of the courses "Experimental Mechanics", "Optics" or "Electricity and Magnetism" can be replaced by "Experimental Atomic Physics" (in the summer semester).

** The "Theoretical Mechanics" course can be replaced by "Theoretical Electrodynamics" (in the summer semester).

There may be overlapping dates in the lectures "Optics" and "Informatics I" or "Informatics III"!

The basic internship takes place during the semester break. A preliminary meeting usually takes place at the beginning of the semester.

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