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Information on Covid-19


Dear students,

please first inquire about the current status on the general pages of the university and the faculty.

Due to the rapid development, the information on the web pages may be inconsistent. Please therefore pay attention to the date of the information in order to distinguish new from old information!

  • Wearing a medical mouth and nose cover (FFP2 or OP Mask) is urgently recommended on campus if the distance of 1.5 meters cannot be guaranteed.
  • The current hygiene concepts can be found on the HHU's central Corona website.
  • The following applies to all of the points listed below: the hygiene concept must always be guaranteed and adhered to.

Teaching in the summer semester 2021: The range of courses is predominantly online with some courses that are offered both face-to-face and online (especially for students in the 2nd semester). The exact event times are expected to be known at the end of next week.

Please register for the events in the HIS-LSF. This gives the professors and their staff the opportunity to inform you about any special features. Below you will find information about the special features of the individual lectures. (More subjects will follow)

Note: For technical reasons, access to a course at ILIAS takes place approximately one day after you have been admitted to the course at HIS-LSF.

  • Taking the advanced internship (F-Praktikum) is possible again.  All central experiments are available. For decentral experiments please ask the research group by yourself.
  • The FP seminar will take place. Register to participate via the HIS-LSF. All further information will then follow via email.
  • The basic internship II (Grundpraktikum II) will take place in the lecture free time after the summer semester.
  • Specializations (Bachelor and Master) can be started again from March 8th, 2021.
  • The processing time for all registered theses is automatically extended by 5 weeks. This does not affect the student's right to submit according to the original deadline. The submission deadlines have been extended by 5 weeks for the first time on April 2nd, 2020, so that this is also visible in the portal. This will probably also be done for theses that were registered after or on April 2nd, 2020. This depends on the further situation. Theses can still be uploaded.
  • Theses that do not require attendance can still be registered and carried out, provided that supervision by a lecturer is also possible electronically.
  • Experimental theses that have already been started (including any preceding modules such as specializations or project internships) can currently be continued, provided that this is compatible with maintaining the necessary safety margin.
  • Experimental work can still be started if the infection protection can be guaranteed for all employees including the students during the thesis.
  • Students who have already registered their thesis can request that the topic be returned to the chairman of the examination board for a valid reason. The COVID-19 pandemic is recognized as a valid reason.
  • If the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the work, the student must notify the supervisor in writing. Such impairments should be adequately taken into account by the reviewers when assessing the work.
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