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Stays abroad

If you are studying physics or medical physics at the HHU and intend to spend a semester abroad at a partner university, you will find the necessary information here.

The way to a semester abroad at an Erasmus partner university specializing in physics in the physics or medical physics courses

If you are studying physics or medical physics at the HHU and intend to spend a semester abroad at a partner university, you will find the necessary information here. You should start organizing about a year before departure. In general, an Erasmus stay can be completed in any subject semester, with the exception of the first two semesters of the Bachelor's degree programs. However, due to the modules that build on one another, not all semesters are equally suitable. We therefore recommend an Erasmus semester abroad in the 5th semester of the Bachelor's degree in Physics or Medical Physics or in the 2nd or 3rd semester of the Master's degree in Physics or Medical Physics.

NEW: If you want to apply for an Erasmus place from the 2014/2015 university year, you must first apply online using this link and then send me the signed PDF printout of the online application together with the following documents (digital):

  • a short letter of motivation,
  • a short résumé and
  • a current overview of your marks.

As of the 2014/2015 university year, only students who have previously applied online can be nominated for an Erasmus grant.

Please contact me in good time (preferably at least one year) before your planned stay abroad, as the corresponding bilateral agreement with the partner university may have to be extended, which takes time.

The contact person for ERASMUS stays abroad for the subject Physics / Medical Physics is Prof. Dr. Thomas Heinzel. ()

Here you can find more information about the ERASMUS Program.

Rise (Research Intenships in Science and Engineering) is a DAAD program and enables Bachelor students in Physics and Medical Physics (along with a few other fields) to do research internships with qualified internship providers worldwide. The type and scope of the internships offered can vary widely.

Further information is available directly on the DAAD website.

In addition to ERASMUS and RISE, there are numerous other programs to promote stays abroad. You can find information on this on the website of the HHU International Office.


If you are a student of physics at one of our partner universities and plan an Erasmus sojourn at the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, please follow the application guidelines of your home university. This site provides the additional information you need to set up your Learning Agreement. For organizational support not directly related to the lectures, please contact the staff at the Erasmus department of our International Office.

Prior to your stay at the HHU Düsseldorf
After your home university has accepted your application, you are supposed to submit a learning agreement, featuring a list of lectures and modules you are planning to attend during your stay at the HHU. Have a look at the list of teaching modules which are offered regularly once per year and which are generally open for Erasmus incomings. A description of the modules including contents, admission requirements and examination details can be found in the module handbooks for the Bachelor and for the Master study course. In general, all M.Sc. courses in physics are taught in English, while all B.Sc. courses in physics are taught in German.

Besides physics courses, you can also select language courses in German or in other languages.

Your arrival to Düsseldorf
You should be physically present when the modules start. This varies from year to year, typically they start in the first or second week of April for the summer term and in the first or second week of October for the winter term. Most importantly, please make sure not to miss the first lecture of any module, since here many organizational issues will be discussed and agreed upon. Please note that you are supposed to register for all modules and lectures via the Studierendenportal before the course actually starts. You will have access to the Studierendenportal with your HHU email user name and the email password which you receive together with your letter of acceptance from the HHU. At the Studierendenportal start page, you also find a  pdf document featuring a brief user manual. Within the first week, you have the opportunity to check out various modules and optimize your learning agreement.

Before you leave
As a rule, you will have to pass an examination for each physics module at the end of the teaching period, typically beginning of February for the winter term and end of July for the summer term. The examination will be either in written form or oral, depending on the type of module and the preference of the lecturers. Once you have passed the examination, your grade and the ECTS points collected will be documented on an Erasmus Transcript of Records. You can also collect ECTS points without participating at the examination. In that case, you will get 1 ECTS point for every 30 hours of physical presence at the lectures, laboratory classes and seminars of the module. These ECTS points will be ungraded. Please inform the lecturer at the beginning of the course if you select this option.

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